What to do when your blog doesn’t appear well in search engines

One of the most important goals for anyone who runs a blog is to get their blog visible in search engines and drive traffic. However, sometimes your blog posts don’t show up properly in search engines. Let’s take a look at what steps you need to follow to resolve these issues.

1. Keyword research and optimization

Keyword research and optimization are essential for your blog posts to rank high in search results. Please follow these steps:

1.1. Identify relevant keywords

Identify keywords related to your blog topic. You can find useful keywords by using our keyword tool or researching related searches.

1.2. Use keywords appropriately

Insert the selected keywords naturally into the article, and distribute the keywords appropriately in the article title, subtitle, body, and meta description. Avoid keyword stuffing and be careful not to disrupt the user experience.


2. Create high-quality content

Search engines prefer high-quality content. To achieve this, we follow these guidelines:

2.1. Write useful and informative articles

When you write, make sure your readers actually get useful information. Be sure to cover enough relevant information and keep the length of your article appropriate.

2.2. Use images and videos

Enrich your writing by including visuals. Images and videos capture the attention of readers and are recognized by search engines.

3. Internal and external links

Strengthen your SEO by effectively utilizing internal and external links.

3.1. internal link

Add internal links to other related posts on your blog to help users explore more.

3.2. external link

Add external links to trusted websites and link to relevant sites. This can increase your blog’s credibility in search engines.

4. Optimize site speed

The faster your blog loads, the higher it ranks in search engines. Optimize your site speed by:

4.1. Image Optimization

Speed up loading times by compressing your images and saving them in the appropriate format.

4.2. Take advantage of caching

Turn on browser caching to provide faster page loading for readers who are already there.


Optimizing your blog for search takes time and effort, but it will help you deal with when your blog doesn’t perform well in search engines. By following strategies such as keyword research and optimization, creating high-quality content, leveraging internal and external links, and optimizing site speed, you can help your blog rank highly in search engines.